make popular that which is sound and good
One thing more, political economy, our duty [is] to concentrate all our influence to make popular that which is sound and good, and unpopular that which is unsound. It is right politically for a man who has influence to use it, as well as for a man who has no influence to use his. From henceforth I will maintain all the influence I can get in relation to politics.Joseph Smith
Date: 21 February 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary by Willard Richards
The Words of Joseph Smith: Page 166

Why I like this quote?

I think the principles espoused here by Joseph Smith are as applicable today as the day he uttered them, perhaps even more so in today’s political environment. While there could be multiple interpretations of this quote, I feel the main point that he is teaching is that we, the Latter-day Saints and all good people of the world, have a duty to be a good influence on the world. We should use our influence, great or small, to promote things which are sound, or based on true, eternal principles. We should use that influence in the political arena, and that is Joseph’s emphasis here, but I think the principle applies to all walks of life such as business, entertainment, and even the Church.

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