word of Jehovah convincing without other testimony
Every word that proceedeth from the mouth of Jehovah has such an influence over the human mind, the logical mind, that it is convincing without other testimony. Faith cometh by hearing.Joseph Smith
Date: 6 August 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary by Willard Richards
The Words of Joseph Smith: Page 237

Why I picked this quote?

I like this quote for a couple of reasons. One, it is a follow up to the quote that Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God. Secondly, I’m fascinated by the statement that the word of Jehovah, hearing it from His mouth, is so powerful upon the human mind that no other testimony is needed to be convinced that it is true.

Perhaps this provides further explanation as to why the scriptures say that every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that God’s judgments are just (see Romans 14:11, Isaiah 45:23, D&C 76:110, D&C 88:104, or Mosiah 27:31).

This quote also gives me awe as I contemplate what it would be like to hear the actual voice of Jehovah, as did Joseph Smith and other pioneers and people from scriptural accounts. One of my motivating factors in creating this website has been the powerful effect it has had on my mind to read the words of Joseph Smith that he uttered in speeches during his lifetime. How marvelous it would have been to hear the Prophet Joseph Smith speak in person. And if that would have been great, how much greater it would be to hear the voice of Our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

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