I have three requests to make of the congregation the first is that all who have faith will exercise it, that the Lord may be willing to calm the wind.Joseph Smith

Date: 8 April 1843
Source: William Clayton Report
The Words of Joseph Smith: Page 183

Why I Like this Quote?

I like this quote for a couple of reasons. One is that it takes you back to the days in the early Church when most of the public sermons were preached outdoors. They braved the elements as much as possible, whether is be hot or cold, rainy or snowy, windy or calm. Only when the whether was most severe did they call off meetings.

But more importantly, the second reason I like this quote is because Joseph Smith had a sure knowledge that if the people exercised their faith, that the Lord would calm the wind and thus make it possible for the sermon to be delivered and heard. And it appears that the congregation did exercise their faith because the Prophet Joseph was able to deliver his speech.

Additional Context

In the Joseph Smith Diary, Willard Richards records this quote as: “3 requests. 1st that all who have faith will pray Lord to calm the wind, for as it is now. I cannot speak.” While neither Willard Richards nor William Clayton comment on whether or not the winds calmed, both reported a lengthy sermon so it seems safe to assume the winds died down enough for lecture to continue.

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