going out of a meeting just at close
It is an insult to the meeting to have people run out of the meeting just before we close. If they must go, let them go half an hour before. No Gentleman will go out of a meeting just at close.Joseph Smith
Date: 7 April 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary by Willard Richards
The Words of Joseph Smith: Page 182

Why I Choose this Quote?

If you’ve ever been to a large gathering of Latter-day Saints, at a stake conference or at a general priesthood meeting, you’ll know why I picked this quote. In virtually every one of such meetings I have been to, after the speaker finishes, but before the closing prayer, a good percentage of people will sneak out of the meeting. It’s generally an attempt to beat traffic, much like you would see at a collegiate or professional sporting event. Of course, I agree with Joseph Smith that this kind of behavior at a church meeting is rude.

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